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Kirkstall’s patented Quasi Vivo® technology is an advanced dynamic flow cell culture system that simulates physiology and is used to study drug toxicity and disease..

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Introducing the QV1200

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The Quasi Vivo® cell culture system is specifically designed for ease of use and adaptability.

There are different chambers available, for use in wide variety of organ on a chip applications, including:

Quasi Vivo® Liver Model
Quasi Vivo® brain application
Quasi Vivo® Kidney application
Quasi Vivo® cardio application
Quasi Vivo® Gut application
Quasi Vivo® respiratory application


Quasi Vivo® features in many academic publications. View more

Dynamic Fluid Flow Exacerbates the (Pro-)Inflammatory Effects of Aerosolised Engineered Nanomaterials In Vitro

Products: QV600

Authors: Kirsty Meldrum et al., 2022.
Journal: Nanomaterials 2022, 12(19), 3431

 Adaptation of the Kirkstall QV600 LLI Microfluidics System for the Study of Gastrointestinal Absorption by Mass Spectrometry Imaging and LC-MS/MS

Products: QV600

Authors: Chloe E. Spencer et al., 2022.
Journal: Pharmaceutics 2022, 14(2), 364

Placental Villous Explant Culture 2.0: Flow Culture Allows Studies Closer to the In Vivo Situation

Products: QV500

Authors: Nadja Kupper et al., 2021.
Journal: Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2021, 22(14), 7464

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