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A Novel In Vitro Model of Breast Cancer Metastasis and Niche Priming

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A Novel In Vitro Model of Breast Cancer Metastasis and Niche Priming!


Wednesday 19th July

13:00 to 14:00 BST

Online (FREE to Attend)

In Vitro Model of Breast Cancer Metastasis  

We are thrilled to invite you to our upcoming webinar, where we will unveil a new In Vitro Model of Breast Cancer Metastasis and Niche Priming utilising Kirkstall’s Quasi Vivo® ‘organ-on-a-chip’ system.

The Future of Breast Cancer Research

During this webinar, Dr Bhumika Singh, Chief Scientific Officer, Kirkstall, UK will be chatting with Dr Hannah Harrison, University of Manchester, UK, who will share her insights into breast cancer research, unveiling the latest discoveries that could revolutionise our understanding of this devastating disease.

During this enlightening session, our guest speaker Dr Hannah Harrison, University of Manchester will:

  • Introduce the novel in vitro model of breast cancer metastasis and niche priming.
  • Discuss the principles and methodologies behind the model’s development.
  • Share insights into the potential applications of this model in understanding breast cancer metastasis.
  • Explore the implications of niche priming for personalized medicine and targeted therapies.

Highlights of the Webinar

Unveiling a cutting-edge model for investigating breast cancer spread.

Exploring the critical steps involved in metastasis.

Discovering potential avenues for targeted therapies.

Insights into the latest research findings and breakthroughs.

Live question and answer session with the esteemed experts.


The webinar is free to attend. Spaces are limited, so we encourage you to register early to guarantee your participation.  

Join us and contribute to the ongoing fight against breast cancer.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is designed for:

  • Researchers and scientists exploring breast cancer metastasis.
  • Oncologists and medical professionals seeking a deeper understanding of cancer progression.
  • Students and scholars interested in cutting-edge cancer research.
  • Individuals and organizations invested in advancing cancer treatment and care.

Spread the Word:

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We look forward to your participation in this session. Let’s make a difference in breast cancer research together!

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