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ACTC 2017 Poster Prize Winner: Alys Davies

Every year at Advances in Cell and Tissue Culture (ACTC) conference, we ask delegates to vote for the poster that they believe to be the best.

This year’s winner was Alys Davies, a PhD student from the University of Liverpool. Alys has been using the Quasi Vivo® QV600 chambers for nearly three years and we recently asked her a few questions about her research.

What is the aim of your PhD?

The aim of my PhD is to design complementary yet distinct computer models which can accurately simulate, predict and measure flow patterns and drug release within equivalent in vitro models of the eye to further develop a novel biomaterial-based, controlled drug release technology.


Why are you interested in flow?

Many drugs and metabolites are transported away from tissues in the bloodstream and so we are interested in using the flow to mimic this drug clearance mechanism in our models.


Why was Quasi Vivo® appealing to you in comparison to other systems?

The Quasi Vivo® system, particularly the QV600, allows us to create a barrier model which we can then use to assess drug permeability across the cells. Compared with other ‘micro-fluidic’ platforms, we are able to use a much greater volume of our drug of interest, more akin to the volumes which would be used in vivo which is important to us in our models.

The 24-well size of the chambers also means we are able to use more cells and therefore have a larger barrier to work with.


What feature do you like the most about Quasi Vivo®?

The fact that is modular means you can use the system pretty much any way you want to suit your work. I think that’s what I like the most.


What end points have you been able to look at with Quasi Vivo®?

In terms of end points, I predominantly look at metabolic activity and morphology of the cells post flow. However, mostly we use the system to investigate permeability over time, taking samples from the chamber every few hours or so.


How did you find working with the Kirkstall team?

I find the Kirkstall team really easy to work with and appreciate that they are always willing to take into consideration the needs and suggestions of the users of the Quasi Vivo® systems.


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