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Fast-track development of an in vitro 3D lung/immune cell model using the Quasi Vivo® System

Monday 25th June – 4PM GMT, 5PM CET, 9AM PT, 12 NOON ET.

Current in vitro lung models often involve the use of Transwells® for static cultures which lacks the biomechanical cues experienced in vivo that affects how cells behave.

More advanced lung models include microfluidic devices which provide miniaturisation and selected advantages. However, moving cells from a macroscopic culture environment of dishes, flasks and well-plates to microfluidic cell culture provides a potentially problematic obstacle requiring extensive revision of your existing culture protocols.

The Quasi Vivo®600 is a milli-fluidic bioreactor designed to be fully compatible with standard 24 well plate Transwells®, letting you easily transfer your standard static cell culture protocols into fluid flow and allowing cells to be cultured at an air liquid interface.

Chandorkar et al. (2017) recently demonstrated that the QV600 system provides significant benefits in the development of airway cells. The perfusion of media provides cells with a constant supply of nutrients and removal of waste, resulting in NHBE cells showing;

• Significantly accelerated and higher ciliogenesis
• Increased cilia movement
• Enhanced mucus production
• Improved barrier function

This improved functionality under perfusion can reduce the time taken for experimental procedures by up to two thirds.
Join Dr Bhumika Singh (Chief Scientific Officer at Kirkstall Ltd) and special guest presenter Dr Doris Wilflingseder (Associate Professor at Innsbruck Medical University and Vice Director at Division of Hygiene and Medical Microbiology) as they discuss how to develop a physiologically relevant in vitro lung model for disease modelling and drug development applications.


Chandokar, P. et al. Fast-track development of an in vitro 3D lung/immune cell model to study Aspergillus infections. Scientific Reports. volume 7, Article number: 11644 (2017)


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Associate Professor at Innsbruck Medical University
Chief Scientific Officer at Kirkstall Ltd

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