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Kirkstall products are in use in a growing number of industrial and academic research laboratories. There are however many companies that prefer to out-source in vitro cell culture research or development of new assays to accredited laboratories or contract research organisations. Kirkstall is pleased to be working with a number of contract research organisations to further develop the Quasi Vivo®system as a tool for safety and efficacy testing of new chemical entities and allow them to offer the system as part of their contract research capability.

The benefits of Quasi Vivo® for CROs and their customers are steadily growing as the new technology matures:

  • A route to replacement of animal test
    ing with lower costs and the obvious ethical benefits.
  • More physiologically relevant models that can be a better prediction of what will happen in the clinical (in vivo) situation.
  • A high level of technical support from our applications team
  • Opportunities for collaborative research at the forefront of advanced in vitrocell culture and disease modelling.

For details of how we can work with you using Quasi Vivo® technology to develop more sensitive and specific assays for safety and efficacy of your compounds, please contact us at +44 (0)1709 361 241 or email mwalters@kirkstall.org.

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