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My name is Shehnaz and I am very excited to introduce myself as the latest addition to the Kirkstall Ltd team, in my new role as Technical Support & Sales Executive.

My role involves providing technical support to future and existing users of the Quasi Vivo® system all over the world. I chose to take on this role because of my enthusiasm and passion for the use of perfusion systems in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications which can help reduce the need for animal testing.

In particular, the Quasi Vivo® system appeals to me the most because of its simplicity to assemble, flexibility in configuration and very minimal training requirements, if any!  I also have vast knowledge and hands on experience using Quasi Vivo® which I have acquired throughout my studies. I therefore am aware of the great scientific value the Quasi Vivo® system can bring to life science and pharma research by increasing the physiological relevance of experiments.


We’d love to hear about your research and discuss how adding fluid flow to your work might improve the human relevance of your data. Please contact Shehnaz on the link below for an informal chat.

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I recently completed my multidisciplinary PhD at The University of Nottingham based in The School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences. My PhD involved developing self-reporting scaffolds for non-invasive in situ monitoring in tissue engineering applications. To enhance the physiological relevance of the cellular microenvironment, the Quasi Vivo® perfusion system was used to improve nutrient and oxygen supply throughout the scaffolds. Moreover, the flow of media provides a physical stimulus in the form of shear stress absent in static cultures which can strongly influence how cells behave.

Since I love meeting new people and talking science, I aim to learn as much as I can about the research needs of scientists and provide tailored feedback to help them reach their experimental goals. I also aim to provide my scientific expertise and inform the research community of the numerous benefits of using the Quasi Vivo ®system perfusion system for their research which can provide highly quality and more reliable data.

Quasi Vivo®, commercially available and used in 70+ labs worldwide, getting started is easy and cost effective!

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