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Keynote Speaker: Harvey Clewell

What does ScitoVation do and what is your role there?

ScitoVation does innovative cell-based science.  We assess the potential impact of compounds on human health by developing and implementing in vitro cell-based assays and computational methods to support faster, more cost-effective compound testing for evaluating safety and efficacy, and better predictive tools for accelerated development of new products.

I am serving as a Distinguished Research Fellow, providing senior oversight to our research efforts.

Harvey Clewell - ACTT 2017 Keynote Speaker

What does your research entail? What have you published about recently?

In recent years my research efforts have primarily focused on the use of in vitro assays and pharmacokinetic modelling to conduct risk assessments without the need for live animal testing.  My recent publications have focused on in vitro to in vivo extrapolation of cell-based toxicity assays, use of transcriptomic data to inform risk assessments, and development of methods for characterizing human pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic variability.

What is your relationship with Kirkstall? When did it start, are you currently collaborating on anything?

I met Malcolm Wilkinson at the World Congress in Prague and we discovered we had similar and complementary interests.  Since then we have maintained an informal co-marketing relationship, including shared exhibitor booths at the SOT and Eurotox.

You’ve been to ACTC before- why are you coming back?

I found the ACTC to be an excellent opportunity to get a broad picture of the state of the art in in vitro methods with a meeting format that fostered opportunities for exchange of ideas and building of collaborations.

Why are small, interactive conferences like ACTC important for you, for ScitoVation and for the community?

In my experience the ACTC, along with the annual ESTIV meeting, are the two “not to be missed” opportunities for interacting with other experts in the field of in vitro assay development, learning about current research results, and looking for opportunities for collaboration and marketing.

Why do we need conferences that focus on human-relevant science?

A focus on human-relevant science is long overdue and is now very possible.  ScitoVation is a direct descendent of the Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology (CIIT), and we are still located in the same building.    In 1982, the visionary first President of CIIT, Leon Golberg, stated: “If we’re going to have a future in toxicology, we’re going to have to use human cells.”  ScitoVation’s focus on “Innovative Cell Based Science” continues that heritage.

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