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JOB OPPORTUNITY – Cardiovascular Bioengineering PDRA (KTP Associate)

An exciting opportunity has become available to work full time on a 24-month Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP). This partnership is designed to significantly enhance sales and drive business growth, via the development and launch of a new-to-market “QV CardioTox Box”, which provides an off-the-shelf solution for in vitro tests for the monitoring of safety and/or efficacy of compounds in the cardiovascular system.

Qualification requirements:

Applicants will need to have a PhD in a relevant subject.


Application requirements:

The successful applicant will have experience in:

  • Perfusion bioreactor systems,
  • Polymeric scaffolds manufacturing and characterisation (3D printing and electrospinning),
  • 3D cell culture of three cardiovascular cell types (endothelial, smooth muscle and cardiac) in a co-culture and flow environment and 3D imaging. The candidate will also have experience of analysing data and report writing. Experience of working with a multidisciplinary team is desirable.

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