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MicroNano 2016 Conference

Over 300 people attended this two day event exploring the applications of micro and nanotechnology. The Dutch have been particularly successful in moving this technology from academic research into the marketplace. Market pull from their chemical, food, and medical industry has been very beneficial.


One of the areas of excitement at the moment is Organ on a Chip, and nearly every Dutch university is active in this space. Particularly interesting is the formation of a consortium of the leading players into hDMT which stands for Human Organ & Disease Model Technologies.

Kirkstall’s own CEO, Dr Malcolm Wilkinson, presented a paper at the conference entitled: Organ on a Chip: A Commercialisation Report Card Trying to make an Objective Assessment on the Status of a New Technology (and Avoiding the Hype).

To see the slides from Malcolm’s presentation please use the link below:

J M Wilkinson Presentation

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