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An Organ On A Chip Technology




An organ on a chip (OC) is a multi-channel 3-D microfluidic cell culture chip that simulates the activities, mechanics and physiological response of entire organs and organ systems, a type of artificial organ.

It constitutes the subject matter of significant biomedical engineering research, more precisely in bio-MEMS. The convergence of labs-on-chips (LOCs) and cell biology has permitted the study of human physiology in an organ-specific context, introducing a novel model of in vitro multicellular human organisms. One day, they will perhaps abolish the need for animals in drug development and toxin testing.

Quasi Vivo - An Organ on A Chip Technology


Although multiple publications claim to have translated organ functions onto this interface, the movement towards this microfluidic application is still in its infancy.

Organs-on-chips will vary in design and approach between different researchers. As such, validation and optimization of these systems will likely be a long process. Organs that have been simulated by microfluidic devices include the heart, the lung, kidney, artery, bone, cartilage, skin and more.

Quasi Vivo - An Organ on A Chip Technology


There are currently many research groups currently developing Organ on a Chip technology, using microfluidics. Kirkstall’s Quasi Vivo® system could be described as being “millifuildic” due to it being designed using a standard 24-well plate size.

This size for protocols developed for static cultures to easily be transferred to the system, as well as providing compatibility with both coverslips and a range of 3D scaffolds and providing a range of benefits;

  • Easier to predict and control the research environment.
  • Better control of flow rates and shear stress.
  • More material for end point assays
  • Easier to manipulate
  • Low pressures
  • No complicated external control systems
  • Fits within most consumables budgets.


Commercially available and used in 70+ labs worldwide, getting started is easy and cost effective

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