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Session Chair: Dr Pascale Guillot

What is your current role at the UCL?

I am a Senior Lecturer at UCL since 2013. My team is working towards replacing the use of animals in medical research to increase the clinical relevance of our results.

I was previously employed at Imperial College London, where I was a Lecturer, and before this I was based in the US at Harvard Medical School in Boston MA.

Harvey Clewell - ACTT 2017 Keynote Speaker

What does your research entail? What have you published about recently?

In December 2016, we published a very important paper in Scientific Reports  that reports the ability of human amniotic fluid stem cells to counteract bone fragility and improve bone quality.

Last week, we also published la paper in Molecular Therapy (http://www.cell.com/molecular-therapy-family/molecular-therapy/fulltext/S1525-0016(16)45420-1) that describes the derivation of human induced pluripotent stem cells using chemicals only, without genetic manipulations.

What is your relationship with Kirkstall? When did it start, are you currently collaborating on anything?

Our collaboration with Kirkstall started mid-2016, to set up a co-culture system to study the influence of stem cells on specific target cells to delineate the mechanistic properties of stem cells.

Why do we need conferences that focus on human-relevant science?

We need conferences to focus on human-relevant science to develop systems, techniques and techonologies to replace the use of animals, such as iPS cells, mini organs, co-culture systems, the use of human tissues and human cell culture , so that we can develop human models for human diseases.

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