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Session Chair: Professor Jamie Davies

What is your current role at the University of Edinburgh?

Professor of Experimental Anatomy

What does your research entail? What have you published about recently?

My lab has several projects:

  • We study the developmental biology of organs
  • We develop methods for engineering mini organs in vitro
  • We use synthetic biological techniques to make self-organising patterns and forms
  • We run IUPHAR’s main database on drugs and targets.
Professor Jamie Davies

What is your relationship with Kirkstall? When did it start, are you currently collaborating on anything?

My main “relationship’ is as a satisfied customer. The Quasi-vivo system was essential to a study we now have in J. Anat (in press) (Martin et al, 2017), testing a hypothesis about basic development.

You’ve been to ACTC before- why are you coming back?

An interesting small meeting with a good variety of delegates and time to interact.

Why are small, interactive conferences like ACTC important for you, for your group and for the community?

Small meetings promote interaction and collaboration much more than large meetings do.

Why do we need conferences that focus on human-relevant science?

Same reason as any science – the spreading of ideas.

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