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Session Chair: Professor Sarah Cartmell

What is your current role at the University of Manchester?

I am a Professor of Bioengineering, Deputy Head of School of Materials, and a Theme Lead for Biomaterials Research Group within the School of Materials.

What does your research entail? What have you published about recently?

My research has a focus on orthopaedic tissue engineering with specifics on Co-culture 3D tissue techniques (osteochondral tissue), CT imaging and development for live cells / dynamically loaded soft tissues, electrical stimulation of tissues for regeneration, mechanotransduction, and novel tendon repair product translation.

What is your relationship with Kirkstall? When did it start, are you currently collaborating on anything?

Kirkstall is a potential supplier of bioreactors, and a potential collaborator. I met at TCES meetings and at have no current formal collaboration.

Professor Sarah Cartmell

Why do we need conferences that focus on human-relevant science?

To further advances in regenerative medicine translation to aid our ageing population, and to provide in vitro toxicology systems to reduce animal testing.

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