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Significantly Improved Human Relevance



Quasi Vivo® allows you to culture your cells in a more physiologically relevant environment.

According to Mattei, Giusti and Ahluwalia, there are three axes of stimuli that act on cells in the body: biochemical, structural and fluxes (Figure 1)1.

Biochemical stimuli can be provided in the medium and structural stimuli by culturing cells in a 3D environment; however, many in vitro systems miss the flux that is present in vivo.

Quasi Vivo® applies dynamic flow, which provides the cells with a more physiologically-relevant environment: low levels of shear stress gently stimulate the cells; oxygen and nutrients are more effectively delivered, especially to cells inside 3D structures; and recirculating flow allows cells to condition their own environment as well as communication between cells in different chambers.

Figure 1. The three axes of stimuli which act on cells in the body.

Figure 2. Dose-response curves for rat primary hepatocytes exposed to diclofenac in dynamic and static conditions.

Ahluwalia et al. demonstrated this increased physiological relevance by challenging rat primary hepatocytes cultured in the Quasi Vivo® with diclofenac2, which has showed toxicity in the clinic of 4.2 µM. In Figure 2, static and dynamic conditions are compared; cells cultured in Quasi Vivo® are more sensitive to the drug compared with cells cultured in traditional static conditions, and the system correctly identifies diclofenac as a risk drug.


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Quasi Vivo®, commercially available and used in 70+ labs worldwide, getting started is easy and cost effective!

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