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The Lush Prize for Training

We are delighted to announce that on Friday 11th November 2016, Kirkstall Ltd. were announced as winners of The Lush Prize Award for training, in recognition of the pioneering work we are doing with both academic and industry research professionals worldwide.

A spokesperson for The Lush Prize commented, “Kirkstall Ltd. has been awarded the training prize for their commitment to installing their passion and eagerness for replacing animal testing into the mind-sets of researchers worldwide. Their training workshops have shown to be are a very effective way of changing researchers’ perspectives on animal replacement and in vitro testing worldwide.”

“Having already reached over 600 scientists, we hope the recognition gained from this award along with the prize fund will help Kirkstall increase the reach and impact of their training efforts and future work towards the replacement of animal testing.”

Shortly after accepting the award, which comes with a £25,000 prize fund, Kirkstall CEO Dr. J. Malcolm Wilkinson commented, “We believe passionately in the need to replace animals in many aspects of medical research and we are obviously delighted to have won this prestigious award and have the value of our efforts recognised by The Lush Prize.”

Malcolm continued, “Our collaborators in academia and industry are doing world leading science and consistently showing that there are alternative methods that give better results than animals. We will use the prize money to expand our training workshops worldwide, demonstrating the latest in vitro research techniques and encouraging more and more scientists to work on alternatives to animals.”

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